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[[File:Bartenderizer.jpg|250px|thumb|left|A cursed weapon created to crush enemy defences, both physical and magical.]]
As mentioned, Kyrin is anti-slavery. However, he makes an exception when the slave in question is either (a) a dead spirit and 3. a monster. He has thus designed the Bartenderizer - a weapon that was made to both destroy monsters in a slow and brutal way and to capture their souls, preventing them from resurrecting/respawning or moving on to their next life. The street-name that plebeians have given it, the Bartenderizer, although accurate is entirely inept. Its true name is The Lost Soul Smasher. It was designed to break the bodies of the enemy and cursed to capture the souls of the defeated and using their hatred as fuel to power the hero wielding it. As an added effect, it also makes the them more evil-aligned. Woohooo! Suckers!

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