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[[File:Sadako.jpg|200px500px|thumb|left|Look at how it bows to your every whim!]]
Once a Sycophantom provides the hero with enough wishes, the hero becomes overly dependant on it and is often found completely hypnotised. You can tell that a hero is under the control of a Sycophantom if you see him wandering about aimlessly in a lethargic manner, oft times grinning away with his eyes constantly looking down at a smartphone in his hands and not once looking up from it. Their facial features also become increasingly pixellated as if they were being censored. In truth, the victims are slowly losing their personalities and become increasingly unidentifiable. The longer the victim has been enthralled, the lesser pixels you can count until only one remains- at which point the victim dies. (Rumours claim that they eventually become [[Mega Pixel]]s .) The Sycophantom will lead the victim further and further away from civilisation and society, until he is never seen again.
[[File:Sycophantom_victims_may_be_seen_traveling_in_packs.jpg|200px600px|thumb|right|Victims of the Sycophantom are easily identifiable by their bowed heads, pixellated facial features and their lethargic and listless demeanour.]]

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