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Harvest Moon

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| founder = Corwin
| number = 179
| town = Beerburgh & Tradeburg| perc = 3543
| gold = 18686
| emblem = Shield.JPG
[[File:Seal.JPG|right|thumb|150px|Our sacred seal]]
We currently have one major foothold in this land in the town of [[BeerburghTradeburg]]. Here, over one third two fiths of the population follow our methods, and more and more turn to our cause each day, else they are severely punished for worshipping their false idols. Also, many people follow us in the towns of [[Godvillewood]], [[TradeburgBeerburgh]], [[Los Demonos]] and [[Los Adminos]]. Our followers affix a magical, sacred seal on their doors which not only allow them to show their support, but also protect them when we purge an area of any resistance. We are slowly rising from the shadows to become one of the major superpowers in the land.
Our strongholds are easily recognisable. They are vast, strong fortresses of darkness, perpetually surrounded by black storm clouds. The fortress is surrounded by a lake of blood, and atop the impressive towers made of bone are great luminous red crystals - ancient storage devices through which we channel dark energy in return for great and terrible power.

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