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Suicide watch

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[[Godville]] authorities became increasingly concerned when reports of heroes dying mysteriously for no apparent reason, surfaced in the recent months. On resurrection, these heroes were interviewed and all of them were reportedly told repeatedly and incessantly (and sometimes in humorous ways) to "Die" by mysterious "voices" in their head or by some seemingly divine "signs" that had appeared before them. They claim that their Gods had ordered them to sacrifice themselves in His or Her service.
ThusIn response to this, The the Godville Ministry of Unfortunate Deaths (MUD) commissioned scientists to develop a device that could both detect these mysterious voices and slow down time when the voices were heard. They were slotted to be issued to the officers of the Ministry's Untimely Death Officers Handlers(MUDdlers) who would patrol Godville and save these heroes before they could kill themselves using the increased reflexes gained from slowing down time.
The Suicide Watches have since appeared in the black markets and are being sold at exorbitant prices. It has become a favourite of high-level heroes.
No one knows how the blueprints of the watch were released but some reports have claimed that the source of the banned watches came from the priests of Temple of an unnamed hero who are rumoured to be covertly producing them. Some point to the phrase "I am the ☾reato✔" discreetly etched in fine print on the back face of the watch as solid proof. Priests from every temple have denied all allegations suggesting the affirmative.   
The "time dilation" is thought to be produced by an emission of evil and deadly energy that simulates death itself. Hence, what the users of the Suicide Watch are experiencing is the feeling of Death itself. The time dilation is merely a useful side-effect. It is reported that Heroes of the Suicide Watch tend to become increasingly aligned to Evil. Good-aligned Heroes in particular are greatly influenced and have been seen to become increasingly partial to kicking puppies in half. While others have reportedly gone completely insane and have been seen attacking [[Dust bunny|Dust bunnies]] and [[Royal Jellyfish]] alike on sight.
Heroes use the Suicide watch at their own risk.

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