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Gameplay Notes (UNDERWAY): Gave this section a light dusting and made my intent public to get off my backside, and -no. To get ON my backside long enough to update.
Blatantly lame filler text line hereHoly moly, this needs cleaning up. SeriouslyOne of these days, itthere's right here. Youa big ol're reading itupdate coming. I wasted your time. But promise not to do so intentionally if you keep readingStarted on a touch-up or two, but come a couple months, probably will have that sit-down and a page overhaul.
''So..... am I coming back to this or not? Most likely. When? When the weather's terrible again.'' Sun Dog growth notes are now kept on the Talk page. Updated erratically, but the data itself is collected every day. Will update the pet levels forum thread every 5 levels as well. ====Housebreaking Your Hero (BEGUNUNDER REVIEW)====
(Tips on voice commands & tactics in the field)

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