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Character Bio: Chronicles (Underway, as is the hero's)
==Character Bio: Chronicles (Underway, as is the hero's)==
Nothing here yet... Jimbob64 in his hero's Chronicles IS based off the actual player, so he's a bit of a- refusing to type that abotu about himself, has others who'd say it for free possibly.
Exiled from his heavenly home 20 years ago by the time his hero comes on the scene, he has no one to blame but himself for the trouble he's in. Best known among other gods as variously "the new guy" "a pain" and "Who?", his first act on ascension to godhood was to get roaring drunk in a bar and make a bet he couldn't possibly keep with a very senior god from another pantheon. Not a good start, but at least things can only get better... or so he tells himself.
===Gameplay Notes (UNDERWAY)===
Blatantly lame filler text line here. Seriously, it's right here. You're reading it. I wasted your time. But promise not to do so intentionally if you keep reading.

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