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==The "User" in this User pageCharacter Bio: Chronicles (Underway, as is the hero's)==
<!--In this section, INothing here yet... Jimbob64 in his hero'll put down the basics (and some fancy crap too) of how I learned to play. This is intended to encompass <s>how I fight in Chronicles IS based off the Arenaactual player,</so he's> how I learned to gather and hoard charges without paying, how I learned to use what I've got to maximum effect, and provide basic references on a wide variety bit of things. If you can't find what you're looking for here... it's probably because I don't know it yet. (Or at this point in constructiona- refusing to type that abotu himself, because I havenhas others who't gotten the time to add d say it yetfor free possibly.)-->
Page may be VERY out of date. Will update come summer probably. Aura, combining, crosswordExiled from his heavenly home 20 years ago by the time his hero comes on the scene, and VC research data he has now been compiledno one to blame but himself for the trouble he's in. Will reseadse Best known among other gods as soon as I remember variously "the page exists again new guy" "a pain" and "Who?", his first act on ascension to godhood was to get roaring drunk in a bar and have timemake a bet he couldn't possibly keep with a very senior god from another pantheon. AlsoNot a good start, the hero page should be but at least things can only get better in a while... or so he tells himself.
<small>Exiled to Godville''Just a little about mes terrestrial realm by his own words, Jimbob has searched for years in vain, seeking his destined hero who will build the monument of solid gold he needs to win his bet and return home. The problem? There are a table great many of contents those, not the least of which is that goes to other parts no one knows where this hero might be, or if he's even been born yet. Let alone the matter of whether the page. This line's here designated mortal can be persuaded to accept his heroic destiny and go along for formatting purposes until I learn how to do what I'd intended properlythe ride.''</small>
Currently searching for assistance in filling in Geography articles both because some of them NEED it, and to provide helpful backgrounds/entertaining sidebars in case of use in an upcoming proposal for a (almost certainly multi-part) Sowing Sun play currently under development. Word on whether it'll be used will have to wait until there's enough of the storyboard resolved satisfactorily to send the idea in for review.
<small>Yes, after this I ''promise'' I'll complete my Chronicles- almost got it together for those too, some of it will appear early on Gary-sue's page.</small>
Requests for Geography articles to flesh out parts on Godville's terrain and/or history and lore are in [[Jimbob64#My_Current_Projects|Landmarks of Godville (NEED CONTENT/STORY AUTHORS)]]

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