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12 bar blues

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Legends of the Blues
'''♫ <ins>RiffCreator'''</ins> - Our founder and fearless leader. He also sports an impressive collection of guitars and can play the blues like he sold his soul to the devil, as evidenced by his avatar picture of the hellhound on his trail.
In the News: Greeny - 74th-level adventurer, with the motto “How hard can it be? ”, stands at the 16th position in the pantheon of templehood under the vigilant supervision of the god RiffCreator. The hero has no distinctive features to date; however, he promises to get some before his next appearance.
'''♪ <ins>Barry the Clown'''</ins> - Quiet, enigmatic member of 12 Bar Blues, known as The Font of All Knowledge. Definitely has his mojo working.
'''♫ <ins>Haylie'''</ins> - The Queen of the blues, she is the most active member of the guild council and is leading 12 Bar Blues to glory in the arena.
==Godville's House of Blues==

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