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Tire Iron Lion

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Strong (22:54 Tried to reach for the stars. They were too far away, but now a Tire Iron Lion thinks I was waving at it. Oh dear...).
{{stub|monster}}{{monster| image = TireIronLion.jpg| caption = | latin = Vectis leo| description = A deadly lion| class = Mammal| habitat = Junk yards| strong = y}} The tire iron lion '''Tire Iron Lion''' (''Vectis leo'') is very dangerous from a [[monster]]. He was once known to be the most skilled machanic mechanic in all the land, but walked away from that life to become a deadly assassin. He normally kills his victim with His preferred weapon is a tire iron than. He eats there Soon after a kill, the Tire Iron Lion will eat the flesh right away of his victim and can be alcoholsometimes drink a beer or two. Poisoned The Tire Iron Lion is easily if you give up a little bit if poisoned by small bits of hero-flesh( only if you are soaked in axle grease. He cannot say no to this tasty treat and calls it "yummy" despite the poisonous effect. ==Attributes=====Strengths===* Excellent knowledge of physics; especially levers* Can remove many tough nuts* Makes a regular hero) he usually says yummy horrible cloud of smoke when he eateburned ===Weaknesses===* Must be re-inflated every 3000 miles* Easily distracted by string* Sleeps almost all day {{Navbox cats}}

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