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Gold coins

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Gold coins are the currency of Godville.
Usually abbreviated to 'gold', a hero can acquire it in many ways. They can dig for it, find it in the corpses of monsters, win it in duels and get it in a multitude of other different ways. A hero can use their wealth to purchase [[Equipment]] for themselves, for money makes the world go round. Once a hero has '''about 3000''' Gold coins(average amount), they can forge a shiny new [[Gold bricks|Gold brick]] for their god's [[Temple]].
The [[pantheon of greed]] is where the hero's are ranked for their wealth. The greediest heroes who own the mightiest bank accounts appear near the top of this pantheon's rankings, but it is notoriously hard to stay there, for heroes are always spending their hard-earned cash in order to buy themselves better equipment to give themselves a better chance in [[Duels]].

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