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These are successful Successful combinations discovered either by others and by myself. '''Important note:''' Boss body parts (and a few other bolds) will not be destroyed during combinations, so they can be re-used infinitely. This may be a bug or may be intended. It also seems that boss body parts will not be destroyed by accident during travels as well, so these two may be correlated. (My theory: Items have an attribute "destructible / indestructible" which dictates their destructability in both situations.) '''Update:''' Apparently boss body parts can no longer be used for combining. (16/10/2013) Forum thread: List of activatable artifacts: [[User:Category:Activatable Artifacts|List of Activatable ArtifactsLaetitia/Combine]] '''Generates useful activatables:''' *Bag of dirty thoughts + Basilisk breeder’s manual = Bioenergy amplifier*Blue collar + Broken record = Box with a question mark*Body language translator + Brown note generator = Bioenergy amplifier*Brick of purest green + Brainwave = Bengal light*Bucket of anti-matter + Borrowed time machine = Box with a question mark §*Chaos engine + Chain reactor = Continuum transfunctioner §*Collide-o-scope + Crumb of wisdom = Continuum transfunctioner*Collide-o-scope + Center of gravity = Continuum transfunctioner §*Cone of silence + Canned heat = Continuum transfunctioner §*Cone of silence + Chain reactor = Continuum transfunctioner §*Crackerjack prize + Cliché filter = Continuum transfunctioner*Darwin award + Desert rose = Dimensional destabilizer*Darwin award + Dose of reality = Deus ex machina*Darwin award + Dream machine = Dimensional destabilizer §*Deductive seasoning + D.I.Y. lobotomy kit = Dimensional destabilizer*Diary-entry generator + Dragon egg incubator = Dimensional destabilizer §*Ear of <boss #1> + Ear of <boss #2> = Emergency exit*Ear of <boss> + Encyclopedia Godvillia = Emergency exit*Fallen star + Frame of mind = Flux incapacitor*Godville Admin bobblehead + Godville particle = Generic goodness in a bottle*Godville particle + Golden fiddle = Generic goodness in a bottle*Golden cinder block + Golden trowel = Gift of fate*Green fairy in a bottle + "God-Hero" dictionary = Golden ticket §*Guide to the galaxy + Golden trowel = Generic goodness in a bottle §*Lucky paw of <boss> + Logic gate = License to drill*Mnemonic device + Moontan lotion = Mole-extracting shovel*Pair of spherical dice + Piece of old equipment = Philosopher's stone*Passenger cannonball + Psionic tonic = Praystation*Pick of destiny + Pointy WIZZARD hat = Philosopher's stone*Portable death star + Picture of a thousand words = Portable quest generator*Portable wormhole + Pre-Godville relic = Praystation*Portable drawbridge + Problem solvent = Philosopher's stone §*Poetic justice + Portable photon generator = Portable tunnel §*Pre-Godville relic + Pocket universe = Portable quest generator §*Problem solvent + Picture of a thousand words = Portable quest generator*Prototypewriter + Portable photon generator = Praystation §*Prototypewriter + Portable drawbridge = Portable tunnel §*Sands of time + Smoke ring = Social network adapter*Solar-powered darkness absorber + Space-time fabric conditioner = Sacrificial lamp § § = My entries '''Seasonal:''' *Cup of javascript + Circumstantial evidence = Christmas miracle (probably Christmas season only) '''Unusual or bugged:''' *Darwin award + D.I.Y. monster kit = Can of asteroid repellent*Miniature siege tower + Monster's diary = Ethyl juice soda*Pointy WIZZARD hat + Anything (doesn't have to start with P) = Philosopher's stone / Praystations / Portable tunnel*Secret ingredient + Scratch-proof lottery ticket = Philosopher's stone ^ These may have been fixed by now though. For example, Darwin award and Bertrand's teapot are no longer indestructible. (Sources: {{god|SBFH}} {{god|Alodar}})
==Mystery boxes==

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