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Beer Bay

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== Description ==
Beer Bay is a peaceful town, population 3,278,804, fairly small compared to many modern cities. Beer Bay's main atraction is the red colored beach water , that does strange things to the local schools of fish, sometimes making them taste like wine. Beer Bay is thought by many to be home to the colour of best beer but '''shouldn't''' be drank, wine, orange soda, kool-aid, and chocolate milk in the world. The sand on city is a major sorce of sea food in the world. the beach mayor of the beer bay is bleached white by Colin Collins, also known for his high school nickname "uber-socks". the acidic sludge and fish skeletons have been washed up all over itorgin of this nickame is contriversial.  
== Geography ==
The beer bay is located on the north-west continent whose capital is Los Adminos

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