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Steam-powered Exoskeleton

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===Special Effects===
The Steam-powered Exoskeleton is a powerful tool used by heroes looking for a tough, impervious outer skeleton to help keep them out of danger.
It incorporates the latest self-disparaging technology. This feature allows an attacker to use the power of ridicule. This It usually renders the attacker helpless with laughter, allowing the hero to finish off most attackers fairly promptly.
[[Image:ThRainBoots.jpg|200px|thumb|left|Boots of Incredible Cuteness]][[Image:ThUnder.jpg|200px|thumb|right|Underpants of Obscurity]]
These Boots have been known to keep the hero's feet dry when they find themselves in incredibly sticky situations, and while this hardly ever happens, it's useful to know the option is there. The only substance known to be impervious to the effect cuteness of these boots is quicksand.
Scientists are at a loss to explain this unexplainable phenomena, and are attributing it to yet another one of a hero's <s>appalling fashion choices</s> complex mysteries.
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