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{{usergod|250px200px| avatar = BorderCollieJBdAav.jpgjpeg
| hero = Gary-sue
| motto = "Cogito Ergo Dum, ergo dum!"
| gender = Male
| personality = Sarcastic
NOTE FROM JB: This page has been neglected for the better part of a year at least, and needs a re-write. I'll get down to adding more stuff one of these days, that's a promise.
==The "User" in this User page== <!--In this section, I'll put down the basics (and some fancy crap too) of how I learned to play. This is intended to encompass <s>how I fight in the Arena,</s> how I learned to gather and hoard charges without paying, how I learned to use what I've got to maximum effect, and provide basic references on a wide variety of things. If you can't find what you're looking for here... it's probably because I don't know it yet. Character Bio: Chronicles (Or at this point in construction, because I haven't gotten the time to add it yet.)--> Page may be VERY out of date. Will update come summer probably. Aura, combining, crosswordUnderway, and VC research data has now been compiled. Will reseadse as soon as I remember the page exists again and have time. Also, is the hero page should be better in a while. <small>''Just a little about me, and a table of contents that goes to other parts of the page. This line's here for formatting purposes until I learn how to do what I'd intended properly.''</small>)==
Currently searching for assistance Nothing here yet... Jimbob64 in filling in Geography articles both because some of them NEED ithis hero's Chronicles IS based off the actual player, and to provide helpful backgrounds/entertaining sidebars in case so he's a bit of use in an upcoming proposal for a (almost certainly multi-part) Sowing Sun play currently under development. Word on whether it'll be used will have refusing to wait until theretype that about himself, has others who's enough of the storyboard resolved satisfactorily to send the idea in d say it for reviewfree possibly.
<small>YesExiled from his heavenly home 20 years ago by the time his hero comes on the scene, after this I he has no one to blame but himself for the trouble he''promise'' I'll complete my Chronicles- almost got it together for those toos in. Best known among other gods as variously "the new guy" "a pain" and "Who?", some of it will appear early his first act on Gary-sueascension to godhood was to get roaring drunk in a bar and make a bet he couldn's paget possibly keep with a very senior god from another pantheon. Not a good start, but at least things can only get better... or so he tells himself.</small>
Requests for Geography articles Exiled to flesh out parts on Godville's terrain terrestrial realm by his own words, Jimbob has searched for years in vain, seeking his destined hero who will build the monument of solid gold he needs to win his bet and/return home. The problem? There are a great many of those, not the least of which is that no one knows where this hero might be, or history if he's even been born yet. Let alone the matter of whether the designated mortal can be persuaded to accept his heroic destiny and lore are in [[Jimbob64#My_Current_Projects|Landmarks of Godville (NEED CONTENT/STORY AUTHORS)]]go along for the ride.
===Gameplay Notes (UNDERWAY)===
Blatantly lame filler text line here. Seriously, it's right here. You're reading it. I wasted your time. But promise not to do so intentionally if you keep reading.
''So..... am I coming back to this or not? Most likely. When? When the weather's terrible again.''==Gameplay Notes (INTERMITTENT)==
Sun Dog growth notes are now kept Holy moly, this needs cleaning up. One of these days, there's a big ol' update coming. Started on the Talk page. Updated erraticallya touch-up or two, but the data itself is collected every day. Will update the pet levels forum thread every 5 levels as wellcome a couple months, probably will have that sit-down and a page overhaul.
====Housebreaking Your Hero (BEGUNUNDER REVIEW)====
(Tips on voice commands & tactics in the field)
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====Overworld Voice Commands (UNDERWAY -SHORTEN EACH VCWork in Progress)====
''To manage a hero, it's handy to know what words will clue the <s>daft little nuisances</s> lovable little guys in to what you want done. For this reason, I'm going to list the key words I've found with brief descriptions of what each one does. To save us all some Godpower, I'll try to name the times each command is best used (ah, those rare times when your hero doesn't ignore you completely.) Keywords are given in bold.''
====Using Godpower Efficiently (WRITE THIS NEXT)====
Combined with GP-conservation sectionUnder construction. Basically for a start, any time you see Holy Powercell in your inventory, tap it, say Yes. Only click Restore on the God Remote if you mean it. It's redundant to Once you have them next to each other. In this sectionideabox access, I will attempt to basically put down notes vote regularly and honestly on the ways I've seen that can help a person use whatever godpower he one or she may have (two whole categories for at least 3 charges or 250, equally) days to double the best effect. Godpower charges only give 50% back when 100% is accumulated, so learning to effectively use what you can gather is a must. Or at least, it can make things rather easierGP from in-town prayers.
<div style="{{radial-gradient|center|circle|#FFFFFF, #00FFFF 50%, #E6E6FE}};-moz-border-radius: 15px; border-radius: 15px; padding:10px; text-shadow: white 0.1em 0.1em 0.2em; margin-bottom:15px;">
Basically, "How to be a miser" Non-charge-adding techniques, tips and when to use for best effect with just the 100% you can hold after prayer, to avoid using Restore.
=====Charge-Hoarding Techniques (RESUMED WRITING)=====
without a temple or a purchase."
''Some handy charge-gathering items:'' Praystation/Sacrificial Lamp storea store a charge for 50% GP. Is 50% cheaper than accumulating manually, and can take you beyond 3 stored. Holy Powercell... is awesome. Free to activate, adds one accumulator charge, no upper limit on the number of charges it gives. One use each. If they weren't so rare, they'd be a gamebreaker.
For temple owners: Between Milestone 1 and 10, tell your hero to return to town (can be done up to 6 times per quest, allegedly.) and upon reaching Godville you'll revieve retrieve an XP boost for 10,000 gold if you have it, and if not you'll either recieve receive gold or a charge. Takes some luck, but sometimes temple owners can snag an extra charge or two per day from this.
Other methods forthcoming. Yes, I've started in on this at last. <s>So settle down, Arena trolls! It takes less than 3 charges to beat someone who'd rather complain than play anyway.</s>
===In the Arena (RESTRUCTURING, SKIP this & Duel Term Glossary if you're new)===
Until I figure out how to say it coherently, I'm hiding this section altogether. It's still there, but as it ''makes no sense,'' I took it off public display until forther further notice to save us all some time and page space.
<!-- Invisible text begins here
VCs come in 3 4 functional types:
* <small>'''Attack''' lets you hit for normal damage no matter whose turn it is or if you’ve already attacked.</small>
* <small>'''Pray''' boosts your GP by 20%, granting you further ability to command or act. (If it works, of course. Or you’re out 5% GP like with the other VCs)</small>
* <small>'''Defend''' halves all damage taken by the hero this turn, except for Punish damage. Best used in boss fights, probably.</small>
<small>'''AL:(Action Lock)''' Purposefully using fewer Actions than one's opponent to reduce his/her Action Count to 0. An indicator of whether one has successfully action-locked an opponent is if one's own AC is at 8.</small>
<small>'''Arena''': A type of duel costing 7550% GP to send a hero to. (With a maximum of 17 minutes waiting.) On arrival, the hero recieves 3 random items. Steps take 40 seconds each, after the first 3 steps, gods can take Actions and send VCs. The winner recieves a gold brick, the loser's gold, and a Godpower refill (to 100%, plus a charge added to the Accumulator) and the loser recieves a loss on his or her record and forfeits their gold but not their life. Both combatants fully, though gradually, heal after the fight. Can be done once every 4 hours if the hero matches, once every hour if not. Arena matches prevent skirmishes for 3 days afterwards.</small>
<small>'''BF:(Backfire)''' When an Action goes awry, and mis-targets its effects to the wrong hero, or to both or neither of the combatants equally. Every Encourage or Punish has a 25% chance of backfiring.</small>
<small>'''Duel''': A turn-based battle in which two players (or a computer-controlled opponent vs. one or more players) alternate hitting each other (or goofing off and skipping turns) until one side is defeated. There are different types of duels, each with its own defining characteristics: Arena, Boss, Skirmish, and Sparring duels. (More on those later.) Generally, the winning side comes away with a prize of some type, and the losing side gets nothing after the fight.</small>
<small>'''GP''': Short for "Godpower." Sending the hero to the Arena costs 7550% GP. Encourage or Punish Actions cost 25% GP to use, Miracles cost 50%, and VCs cost 5% each. 100% is the most you can have. </small>
<small>'''IM:(Imprecise Master/Mistress)''' Encourage backfire which heals only the opponent's hero, and not the sender.</small>
<small>'''Miracle''': A special type of Action available only to temple-owners. Costs 50% GP to use. Does not technically backfire. Instead, may damage opponent's equipment, leech opponent's GP, or destroy their inventory. Considered not-very-useful by many duelists. Widely regarded as inconsiderate to use in most, if not all, Arena fights.</small>
<small>'''Skirmish''': Obsolete, these are no more. Historically, it was "A type of duel which may occur when two heroes within each other's matching range meet at the same milestone and neither hero has fought in the Arena in 3 or more days. Each step (turn) takes 40 seconds, during which both gods have the chance to take Actions or use VCs to affect the battle's outcome. ''(Do skirmishes have action limits or 3-turn pauses before action? Ask someone who knows.)'' The winner of a skirmish takes all the loser's gold, items, and a gold brick, and adds a win to his or her Duel Record. Winning these can be quite lucrative at times. Losing a skirmish means giving up these things, adding a loss to one's record, and possibly death as well."</small>
<small>'''Sparring fight''': Like a mock-battle. 40-second steps, after the first 3, players are allowed to affect the battle. The winner gains nothing but experience points, the loser loses nothing whatsoever. A safe, off-the-books way to gain some practical experience with dueling. Can only be done with those on one's friend list (via the '''Challenge a Friend''' button, costing 50% GP to ask the friend to spar. Duriong these 5 minutes, all action of the sender's hero ceases until the friend accepts the challenge, whereupon the fight begins.</small>
===<p style="font-family: times, serif; font-size:18pt; font-style:italic">Ideaboxing</p>===
Thanks to {{God|SourceRunner|temple=12/29/2012 1:37 PM|breeder=12/28/2012 3:19 PM|extended= yes please}} is explaining this, better than for getting me started- more updates here later when I could've. In fact, I'm taking lessons. Can I get back to you folks on that? The guide's but can hold still for 5 seconds at a rough draft, with, it's claimed, barely any content at all, but what there is, is ''gold,'' informationally speakingtime.
==<p style="font-family: times, serif; font-size:14pt; font-style:italic">My Current Projects</p>== '''Abandoned idea of chapters in chronicles, will do scenes instead. Later.''' '''<s>Writing a story series based loosely on {{God|Lady Shadows}}' play "Without Us." Setting and plot would be a HUGE spoiler so far, so one question that sparked the idea: What happens with a hero once his or her god leaves for real? What would happen to Godville's villages without enough new heroes to replace the retirees and possible Feral Hero material? And what would the remaining god-watched heroes do, in the minority?</s>  See EIS Talk page for current projects. Also providing plebe input to be sure the Ideabox guide under construction is understandable to anyone (if I can understand it, anyone can) ------===Requested Articles for GV Lore/Landmark/Other=== For near Godvillewood/Insomnia, east of GV or near Platonic Woodlands, etc. would be good areas to do (according to map file). Los Adminos Isle would be to the west, so if anyone finds new landmarks they'd like to write about, stare at Spode's map on GV and find somewhere to put it. (by Herolympus, west of GVWood...) ----- (flesh it out further, maybe a section or short story about the ruins, and modern state of Los Adminos isle.) (Nothing is here. Make it so! Known to be near Los Adminos, high chance of featuring in the story- a portal to where? Still functional? Any artifacts or legends hidden within? Which flora, fauna of GV would be seen here?) (Near Los Adminos, likely where our heroes would need to go for 4th-wallbusting scenes) ----- (Check out LS's play and existing page for ideas) (Setting of Feral Heroes' origin in previous play, may need more fleshing out) (Would LOVE to see what can be done here.) (Needs expansion, seems so far to be actually lava)
http://wikiSee EIS Talk page for current, I mean old, Also providing plebe input to be sure the Ideabox guide under construction is understandable to anyone (Complete if I can understand it, anyone can)
http"Ideaboxing://wikiA Manual Plus" guide, still underway- actually, completed...ish & Brinjal wrote the sequel in Ideaboxers' Union on the thread.godvillegameI should probably provide the forum link to (Sorry but WTF is Considering this, can we get a pro in here, it looks like it might be great one day)note to self to do exactly that.
http://wikiChipping away at some epic writer's block (since September 2012, in fact) -- Actually, wrote some stories about Godville, still need to (Likely to need more contentAs of August 2015, personalityand there's a whole 4-part series.) Dusting off this page (Let me see... what can we do with this? Looks promisingeventually. Not really in urgent need Did a little bit of fillingthat today, thoughAugust 26) Definite possibility. Write something here, too.)
<small>"Not Begun" = I haven't started that yet. "Begun" = I have started, but only just. "Underway" = Making progress, possibly with actual content people can use by this point. There is no "Completed." When it's complete, it won't need a tag attached to the section header.</small>

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