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Kyrin has always wanted an Evil Genie for a companion ever since he watched Disney's Aladdin. But the other Gods of Godville were extremely against the idea and has prevented Him from creating one at every turn. So He instead hatched a devious plan to release an evil genie right under their noses. A plan where they would unwittingly come to love the very idea of the Evil Genie and were unable to live without one. And so the Sacrificial Lamp was created. Little did they know that once enough wishes were granted, the Evil Genie would finally be released.... MUAHAHAHAH!
[[File:Sadako.jpg|200px|thumb|left| My ever obedient slave. The Sycophantom has been trained to never raise its head whist in my presence.]]
Kyrin is anti-slavery. Which is why He pays the Sycophantom minimal wage for seeing to His every whim. The Sycophantom has been kept in Kyrin's captivity for so long that it no longer has any sense of self worth and will do the bidding of anyone it meets. Kyrin has further cursed it such that anyone who looks into the eyes of the Sycophantom immediately loses its mind. This makes the Sycophantom one of the loneliest creatures in existence as it can never make any meaningful relationships with anyone. Kyrin recently sent out an army of Sycophantoms to collect Godpower for Him using the curse he has placed on them to great advantage.

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