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Kyrin's Creations
[[File:Battlesheep2.jpg|200px|thumb|leftright|''The Battlesheep in carrying out its natural habitatstanding orders.'']]
After eating some amazing lamb kebabs at an old and battered but homely Turkish restaurant, Kyrin wondered aloud what a sheep would look like if could join the military. He almost immediately regretted it. But not before playing a friendly game of checkers with the Battlesheep that suddenly appeared out from behind the counter. Kyrin won (naturally) but the Battlesheep got really angry and opened fire on Fyurie. Fyurie has since recovered but she could never again eat lamb chops without first making sure there were no checkerboards in the vicinity. Silly Fyurie.
[[File:Suicide watch.png|200px|thumb|leftright|It's time to die!]]
Kyrin decided that the Heroes of the world weren't evil enough. So he thought of a way to covertly convert all heroes Evil by creating a high leveled "Arms equipment" that were so desperately sought after by Heroes and Gods alike in the face of an oversupply of Icarus wings.
[[File:Maledictionary.png|200px|thumb|left|Find out Discover the hottest murder spots this summer!]]

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