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Groovy Church of Happy Happy Joy Joy

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ROFL Copper
Image:groovy_autopilot.jpg|Lol lol ha but I cant fly a plane!!1 ROFL ha only if its on autopilates
Image:groovy_tutu.jpg|Oh noes! @Laughing Policeman is wearing Desmond Tutu over work trousers!11!! Mental image is so disturbing I can't LOL. Wait a minute... yes I can LOLOLOLOLROFLOLOL!1!!!1
Image:groovy_roflcop.jpg|Many set off on the path to true Groovy Church enlightenment, few succeed... most end up like gibbering simpletons.... overwhelmed by the truth... @Tinkerbell End was once an eminent nuclear physicist, @Laughing Policeman was once a talented detective inspector. @Mordac is showing promise... he has risen to become the finest mordac in his field. It is a corn field. Keep trying to not try, Monica, and one day you could reach illuminated grooviness :)

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