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Groovy Church of Happy Happy Joy Joy

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Groovy gallery
Image:groovy_bookworm.jpg|"The Book Wyrm made a meal of my family jewels. I hope it chokes..." LOLLLOL!!!1!!! OUCH!
Image:groovy_jewels.png|Family jewels is one of Book Wyrms 5 a day! Along with salt, vinegar, books and more family jewels. LOLOLO!!!1!!!!
Image:groovy_rofl_iron.jpg|I use a rofl iron to make my rofl lines flat.
Image:groovy_47.jpg|Haha loll ol I traveled back to the 70s too lol ha!!1 but not really because I am not older than 70!! :D :D I'm 47
Image:groovy_sofa.jpg|Where was the last place you saw your blood?.. did you look down the back of the sofa?
Image:groovy_empty.jpg|Ladies & Gentlemen... We have a tea supply problem... I shall immediately get in the Groovywagon and visit the local herbological shaman's market for an urgent restock.
Image:groovy_autopilot.jpg|Lol lol ha but I cant fly a plane!!1 ROFL ha only if its on autopilates
Image:groovy_tutu.jpg|Oh noes! @Laughing Policeman is wearing Desmond Tutu over work trousers!11!! Mental image is so disturbing I can't LOL. Wait a minute... yes I can LOLOLOLOLROFLOLOL!1!!!1

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