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My Current Projects
==<p style="font-family: times, serif; font-size:14pt; font-style:italic">My Current Projects</p>==
'''I've resumed my Chronicles at last... meant to have chapter 1 up and done 3 million Savings and 700+ bricks ago. Finally got it Abandoned idea of chapters in gear (a very slow one apparentlychronicles, with a broken transmission) and have started the rough draft of chapter 1will do scenes instead. Later.'''
'''<s>Writing a story series based loosely on {{God|Lady Shadows}}' play "Without Us." Setting and plot would be a HUGE spoiler so far, so one question that sparked the idea: What happens with a hero once his or her god leaves for real? What would happen to Godville's villages without enough new heroes to replace the retirees and possible Feral Hero material? And what would the remaining god-watched heroes do, in the minority? </s>
Yes: how would the heroes get by ''on their own wits'' without gods, and, See EIS Talk page for example- no, let's leave it at "there'll current projects. Also providing plebe input to be some leaning on sure the fourth wall involved, and I'm taking the time Ideabox guide under construction is understandable to make sure it's done right, or anyone (if I'm not even going to post can understand it.  And it won't be serious on the whole, because this is [[Godville_(Worldanyone can)|Godville,]] and the protagonists of this story are heroes.

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