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The Suicide Watch was then created out of some roadkill Kyrin had "found" and a broken stopwatch( that he had destroyed when he got really pissed off with his 2.4km timing one day.) The watch would steadily leech its dark energy into the heroes and slowly but surely turn them evil over time. But to make the equipment palatable to Good-aligned Gods and Heroes, Kyrin created the watches under the guise of "saving" heroes from suicide when all it did was get in the way of their Martyrdom while making them evil. Genius. Just PURE genius. Good job Kyrin!
Kyrin was having a really bad day and wanted to find out the best way to "brutally give someone a hug without being seen." (Because he was a shy guy.) But there wasn't any books about that kind f stuff. So he made one. It was awesome. Even his dog thought so. The dog loved it so much he went and marked it as his territory.

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