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Sacrificial lamp

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These lamps can be used when Godpower is at least 50%. It is advisable that they are used when there are more than three accumulator charges in reserve. Don't be a hero and use one before that. The lamp can only be used once for a maximum of one brick containing 50% Godpower as the Godpower poisons the metal alloy catalyst during the conversion.
The hero activating the lamp should rub the surface of the metal vigorously as the vibration helps to agitate the Godpower within the lamp and encourage the reaction to completion. The heat generated is also useful to speed up the reaction. However, since this is a endotheic reaction rather than an endothermic one, the heat supplied does not speed up the reaction in the traditional sense. Rather, the "warmth" of a hero is used to help bind the religious power vapours to the catalyst. That said, rubbing the lamp is not necessary, but encouraged if you want to finish the conversion before happy hour at the taverns.
Store the sacrificial lamp in a warm, moist place away from direct sunlight or lightning bolts. This is why most sacrificial lamps are only found within the belly of strong monsters where they are kept (relatively) safe. The lamp's metal alloy must be kept moist and in a Godless environment. Godpower "poisons " the catalyst and makes it unusable.

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