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12 bar blues

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| motto = “The Blues ain't about feeling better; it's about making other people feel worse.” ― Bleeding Gums Murphy
| founded = March 15, 2013
| alignment = Evil
| pantheon = 280
| pantheon2 = 47
| pantheon3 = 268
| town = Anville, Last Resort
| perc = 1
| gold = 14233
| forum =
| date = the last time I got around to it.
| founder = RiffCreator
| number = 28
| emblem = Blues.jpg
| friend1 = Musicians' Guild }}
Welcome to my guild, dedicated to all the Gods,Heroes and Heroines who want to play the blues in all the sleazy, greasy, downtown bars and clubs of Godville and surrounding towns. Join me in my new guild if you, your Hero or Heroine, wants to join a band, be a manager or just a good old fashioned groupy!!
If you really do play the blues, out there in the big wide world or are a fan of the blues and live music in general, join me and spread the word.
I hope to jam with you soon,
RiffCreator and his Hero, Greeny.
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| founded = DATE GUILD CREATED (or took off, your call)
| pantheon = Unity rank
| pantheon2 = Popularity
| pantheon3 = Aggressiveness (Sum of members' Gladiatorship scores, does nothing outside of making some of us appeaar Arena addicts)
| forum =
| founder = RiffCreator
| number = 2
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----==Joining 12 Bar Blues==Joining the guild is surprisingly simple. Just use your godvoice to make your hero or heroine: '''''join “12 bar blues” guild'''''  They should start a new quest to become a member of 12 bar blues. Once they complete the quest, bam, you're in! ==Helping 12 Bar Blues==[[File:Blues_Brothers_Poster.jpg|thumb|left]]Once you join 12 Bar Blues you will have the opportunity to give back to the guild that gives so much to you. After some hard work and membership gains we are listed on the Pantheon of Popularity. By sparing a wee bit of GP, you can make a '''miracle''' or '''encourage''' or '''punish''' your hero while in a town. This helps improve our popularity in that town and our ranking in the pantheon. Pretty quick and painless, eh?  This benefits not only the guild, but you, also. The more popularity the guild has in a town, the more opportunites for benefits (such as better prices when selling goods, random free gifts, quicker access to doctors/healing, discounts on equipment)in that town. In addition, if you use your GP while selling your loot, there is the possibility that you may get extra treasures or gold from the merchant!     
'''Joining 12 Bar Blues'''
Joining the guild is srprisingly simple. Just use your godvoice to make your hero or heroine:
''join “12 bar blues” guild''
They should start            ==Legends of the Blues==[[File:Legends.jpg|thumb|left]]A list of some of the important contributors to the 12 Bar Blues:  '''♫ <ins>RiffCreator'''</ins> - Our founder and fearless leader. He also sports an impressive collection of guitars and can play the blues like he sold his soul to the devil, as evidenced by his avatar picture of the hellhound on his trail. In the News: Greeny - 74th-level adventurer, with the motto “How hard can it be? ”, stands at the 16th position in the pantheon of templehood under the vigilant supervision of the god RiffCreator. The hero has no distinctive features to date; however, he promises to get some before his next appearance. '''♪ <ins>{{god|Barry The Clown|temple=0}}'''</ins> - Quiet, enigmatic member of 12 Bar Blues, known as The Font of All Knowledge. Definitely has his mojo working. '''♫ <ins>{{god|No.2|temple=0}}'''</ins> - Also has a new quest number of guitars, and is known to become play a member range of styles from country to metal, and of course, the blues. '''♪ <ins>{{god|Stupendous Man|temple=0}}'''</ins> - Lead roadie and cowbell player, he contributes by helping maintain the 12 bar bluesBar Blues Godwiki page.  '''♫ Once they complete <ins>{{god|Haylie|temple=0}}'''</ins> - The Queen of the questblues, bamshe is the most active member of the guild council and is leading 12 Bar Blues to glory in the arena. ''** Special Note'' Thanks to the amazing creativity of 12 Bar Blues member '''StarTheWolf''', our Queen has her own prayer:Hail Haylie, full of might, the strength is with you. Powerful art thou amongst gods, and blessed is the pet of your choice, Spot. Holy Haylie goddess of Goldiam, encourage(or punish) us, your guild, now until our enemies death, BEER.         ==12 Bar Blues in the Godville News==[[File:HOF.jpg|thumb|left]]With the rise in popularity and awesomeness of the 12 Bar Blues Guild, it was inevitable that we would earn recognition from the highly reputable Godville Times. Here are the articles chronicling the greatest achievements of 12 Bar Blues members: '''re Greeny''' – 74th-level adventurer, with the motto “How hard can it be? ”, stands at the 16th position inthe pantheon of templehood under the vigilant supervision of the god '''RiffCreator'''. The hero has no distinctive features to date; however, he promises to get some before his next appearance. '''Tiri''' – 27th-level adventurer, member of the “12 bar blues” guild, with the motto “Oh my god!”, stands at the 89th position in the pantheon of destruction under the vigilant supervision of the god '''Tiriaq'''. His worst enemy – a Spag-Yeti. Favorite trophy – something that looks like a contradictionary. He is also a huge fan of Dogville’s pubs. Rumor has it that '''Tiriaq''' submits especially good ideas and votes for the submissions of others.           ==Godville's House of Blues==[[File:House_of_Blues.jpg|left]]A down-home juke joint for all Godville folks to gather and play, hear and enjoy the blues. ♫♪ Still Under Construction ♪♫
Useful info, on June 8th 2013, this happened in the town of Godville;
A sudden tremor rocked the town as a new tavern rose from the ground. I quickly claimed ownership for “12 bar blues”.
12 Bar Blues Temples and Pets:
'''Barry The Clown''' 03/29/2014 12:02: Carefully placed the last brick, swept all the rooms, opened all doors, and cut the ribbon in a stately manner with my sword. I can't believe it's finally happened! After all these months of work, the temple in your name is finished, my Lord! I feel crazy with happiness.

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