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| avatar = BorderCollie.jpg
| hero = Gary-sue
| motto = 일: "Sanity is overratedCogito Ergo Dum"
| gender = Male
| personality = Sarcastic
| guild = Sowing SunE.I.S. Eternal
| temple = November 2, 2012
| templepantheon = 3295
* '''Complete''' the '''quest faster''': The hero may complete from 1 to 5% of the current quest if successful. Or ignore you and gripe. But you're used to that if you've played Godville for any length of time, I assume. WHEN YOU WILL DEFINITELY BE IGNORED: Healing, heading back to town, or anything at all in town. If you're in a town, you can ask the hero to '''return to the quest'''. Which oddly I've never done. I need to test this out.
* '''Join "Sowing SunE.I.S. Eternal" guild''': For heroes level 12 and above. If successful, the hero sets out on a multi-day quest at the end of which he or she will become a new member of that guild. Though some people have no particular guild in mind, picking one with friends to join is a good idea for the interactively minded out there: this may be nominally a ZPG, but the more of us there "aren't" playing together, the more interesting things get. A guild with a strong sense of community and fun is a good place to pick up a gameplay tip or two, ambitious or no, whether you even think you need one or not. Plus you have others to talk to in your guild so there's someone who understands the junk your hero puts you through daily.
* '''Cancel''' this '''quest''': Again, exactly what it says on the tin. If successful, the hero will abort the current quest on the spot and head back to town for a new one. Aborted quests give no reward. This command is most commonly used to abort guild-changing quests, which heroes will strike out on every so often until reaching Cardinal rank in their current guild. Another common use is to end the "vet/extend pet registration" quest given only to those whose pets have lost all their levels. These 2 quests give no reward if complete, but if canceled, the hero will release the level-less pet into the wild and attempt to find a new companion. WHEN YOU WILL DEFINITELY BE IGNORED: I have found no time when this command may not be heeded, with persistence. When the quest is already complete or canceled perhaps.

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