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E.I.S. Eternal

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{{Guild | motto = No pressure, no politics, just chilling as EIS. | number = ~66| alignment = varies | founded = 05.23.2012 | pantheon = 225 213 | pantheon2 = 9 10 | pantheon3 = 52 41 | date = 05.719.2013}}
{{god|Incendiary}} - Joined the something of March, 2013.
{{god|Jimbob65|temple=04.10.2013 22:03|breeder=05.18.2013 18:31|extended = yes please}} - Joined March 23, 2013.
{{god|Mister meow}} - Joined March 26, 2013.
<small>How shall we manage these? Add-yourself policy, or what (including to the also perfectly good This-is-just-here-for-decor or optional policy? On second thought, do we list of members if you want a policy? Shall I stop typing "policy" so many times straight it makes readers crazy? .If you remember what date you joined, that too.<br> In fact, just add whatever you think would be fun.Yeah? Will doIt's changeable later, and our history's being written literally every day.</small>
===Interested in Joining?===
If you desire the quiet sort of guild life EIS offers, please instruct your hero(ine) to ''''Join "E.I.S. Eternal" guild.'''' Any are welcome, but please leave your baggage at the door.

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