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My Current Projects: Added a REALLY rough list of requested centent and background
==<p style="font-family: times, serif; font-size:14pt; font-style:italic">My Current Projects</p>==
The crap I get up to'''Writing a story series based loosely on {{God|Lady Shadows}}' play "Without Us. Such as ignoring " Setting and plot would be a HUGE spoiler so far, so one question that sparked the fact I ended my last sentence idea: What happens with a preposition.hero once his or her god leaves for real? What would happen to Godville's villages without enough new heroes to replace the retirees and possible Feral Hero material? And what would the remaining god-watched heroes do, in the minority?
* CURRENT PROJECTYes: <s> Rebuilding how would the [[Help:Editing|Wikiheroes get by ''on their own wits''s default editing help page]] to be as comprehensive without gods, and readable as possible. Eventually, over time. Volunteers welcomed. </for example- no, let's> leave it at "there'll be some leaning on the fourth wall involved, and I'Lazingm taking the time to make sure it's done right, or I'm not even going to post it.
* NOTE TO SELF: Put up a summary of auras. Names with a sentence or 2 And it won't be serious on what it does the whole, because this is [[Godville_(World)|Godville,]] and duration. One paragraph for each, I thinkthe protagonists of this story are heroes.
Also, building this page to be something useful. I promise I'll come back to it eventually.------===Requested Articles for GV Lore/Landmark/Other===
Last of allFor near Godvillewood/Insomnia, this is really more east of a goal than a projectGV or near Platonic Woodlands, but I'm still well over 100 spars away from etc. would be good areas to do (according to map file). Los Adminos Isle would be to the Coach 1st Rank achievementwest, and so if anyone who chooses finds new landmarks they'd like to add mewrite about, Istare at Spode'll gladly spend s map on GV and find somewhere to put it. (by Herolympus, west of GVWood...) ----- (flesh it out further, maybe a section or short story about the 50% GP ruins, and modern state of Los Adminos isle.) (Nothing is here. Make it so! Known to initiate be near Los Adminos, high chance of featuring in the spar outstory-a portal to where? Still functional? Any artifacts or legends hidden within? Which flora, fauna ofGV would be seen here?) (Near Los Adminos, likely where our heroes would need to go for 4th-wallbusting scenes) ----- (Check out LS's play and will existing page for ideas) (Setting of Feral Heroes' origin in previous play, may need more fleshing out) (Would LOVE to see what can be grateful for whatever help I done here.) (Needs expansion, seems so far to be actually lava) (Complete it) (Sorry but WTF is this, can we get on that scorea pro in here, it looks like it might be great one day) (Likely to need more content, personality) (Let me see... what can we do with this? Looks promising. Not really in urgent need of filling, though) Definite possibility. Write something here, too.)
<small>"Not Begun" = I haven't started that yet. "Begun" = I have started, but only just. "Underway" = Making progress, possibly with actual content people can use by this point. There is no "Completed." When it's complete, it won't need a tag attached to the section header.</small>

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