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Guild of Chaos

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<big>'''The "Could I Be a "''Guild of Chaos" '' Member at Heart?" Checklist'''</big>
<small>If any of these apply, the answer could well be "yes!" And even if they don't apply.</small>
# New to the game and want to discover things on your own- yet still wish you could do it in a group?
Good! Then you can recommend to your hero that he or she: '''<p style="font-family: times, serif; font-size:12pt; font-style:italic">Join the "Guild of Chaos" -it sounds like the place for me!''' </p> For extra accuracy, you can copy-paste the orders right from here.
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<small>HEALTH WARNING: Guild is so awesome that prospective members' heroes must be level 12 or higher to even consider listening to orders to join.<br> -Also the heroes listen better if they're not distracted by beer, merchants, prayer, a doctor's visit, or a monster trying to eat them when you give the command.<br> -Guild joining quests may take a few days and require travel as far out as milestone 500 or beyond. Because we. Are just. That. Amazing.</small>

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