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Sowing Sun

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Tried something with the sign at the top. Thoughts?
<!-- Check out the new sign- is this going to be any good? Also, this text should be invisible. --><div style="{{linear-gradient|left|#ffFFFF, #FFFFCC 50%, #FFFFCC}};-moz-border-radius: 15px; border-radius: 15px; padding:10px;">
<div style="float:left;margin:0.5em 0.9em 0.4em 0;">[[File:Animated-gifs-suns-013.gif|100px]]
</div>[[File:Buddhaaltramonto.jpg‎| |right|thumb|320px|A Sowing Sun God]]
<div style="float:center;margin:0.5em 0.9em 0.4em 0;">'''"Sowing Sun Events!''' Held three times a week; <br>Sunday, Wednesday & Friday. <br>Don't miss a single one, it'll make you cool!
1. [[Sowing_Sun#Sock_Puppet_Plays|Sock Puppet Theater]] <br>2. [[Sowing_Sun#.22Wiki-Scavenger_Wednesday.22|Wiki-Scavenger Wednesday]] <br>3. [[Sowing_Sun#Awesome_God_Friday|Awesome God Friday!]]
| friend7 = Harvest Moon
| friend8 = Silver Raven Piracy Guild}}
* We are a '''weak, fragmented and boring community of players''' who like to plant their seeds with each other.

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