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==Gameplay Notes==
In this section, I'll put down the basics (and some fancy crap too) of how I learned to play. This is intended to encompass <s>how I fight in the Arena, </s> how I learned to gather and hoard charges without paying, how I learned to use what I've got to maximum effect, and provide basic references on a wide variety of things. If you can't find what you're looking for here... it's probably because I don't know it yet. (Or at this point in construction, because I haven't gotten the time to add it yet.)
===The Main Game (UNDERWAY)===
That really says Blatantly lame filler text line here. Seriously, it all about my approach to this game's right here.Meaning to include sections on melting bricks, monster fighting, GP hoarding/use for payers & nonYou're reading it. Any notes I may havewasted your time. But promise not to do so intentionally if you keep reading.
====Housebreaking Your Hero (BEGUN)====

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