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Whoa, that could help. Or be overwhelming, I'm not sure. Will go through it myself at some point.
In other news, once you get to about 5 or 10 members, the game will start sending someone your way every so often, as the increasing numbers of Infinity Waffles begin to attract curious heroes to quest to join on their own. After a point, you might notice the hero's diary entries mentioning Infinity Waffles if you're Encouraging him within a town, and that's good- it's literally a blessing on your guild which the villagers there will remember you by. It increases Popularity if you wondered what that pantheon was all about. Good luck!
UPDATE: Found a ''freakishly'' complete guide to Wiki tricks in general, if not the GodWiki specifically.
It may help with more fancy stuff, and it's a easy to delete as always. I only bring what I think might be neat.

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