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Know Your Abilities (BEGUN): Small formatting corrections
<big>'''Voice commands (VCs)'''</big>
* <small>* Cost 5% GP to use. </small>
* <small>* Happen on top of the existing turn. </small>
* <small>* ~30% chance of success each time. </small>
* <small>* Cannot backfire/misfire to hurt you. </small>
* <small>* Weaker but cheaper & more versatile than Actions. </small>
* <small>* Will not lower your Action Count.</small>
VCs come in 3 functional types:
* <small>* '''Attack''' lets you hit for normal damage no matter whose turn it is or if you’ve already attacked.</small>
* <small>* '''Heal''' recovers about the amount of health a normal attack takes away. On opponent’s turn, cancels out damage from 1 regular hit. On your turn, gains a little health.</small>
* <small>* '''Pray''' boosts your GP by 20%, granting you further ability to command or act. (If it works, of course. Or you’re out 5% GP like with the other VCs)</small>
* <small>* Cost 25% GP to use. (5x as expensive as VCs)</small>
* <small>* Happen alongside VCs and/or regular turn.</small>
* <small>* Risky: May mis-target/backfire to wrong hero, both, or miss completely. (33% odds of each outcome when BF occurs)</small>
* <small>* Lowers Action Count by 1 when used.</small>
* '''<big>2 types of Actions:</big>'''

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