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Trojan Horse

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{{monster| class = Mammal | habitat = Forest| image = Trojanhorse.jpg| description = Large, wooden horse}}
Trojan horse, a very rare pet in godville.
[[File:Trojanhorse.jpg|500px|thumb|A huge living horse!]]
Trojan Horses are truly marvels of nature. They are large horse-like creatures whose body is completely devoid of any organs. They still breath and eat, but they are hollow on the inside. This allows for easy, but not very comfortable, travel. They are rarely found as pets or near civilization, preferring wide open spaces, due to their large size. They are relativly gentle though and aren't known to attack passing travellers. They have been used in war, however. Soldiers have been known to hop inside them (the horse swallows them) and ride inside until at the destination. This allows for easy transport of many troops. Being easy to train, practical, and naturally docile, these are one if the best, but rarest, creatures you can find.
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