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Know Your Abilities (NOT BEGUN): Let's see here... does this work? Been a while since I did squat with this page.
Brief definitions of each type of duel. Qualities shared by all, what's different between Arena, bosses, skirmishes, and sparring (how they start, how they end, flow of events in between)
====Know Your Abilities (NOT BEGUN)====
The different buttons, cost to use each. Mention which lower your Action Count to use. For each, list what its effect is, (benefits of use, drawbacks and dangers)
There are two ways gods can help their hero/ine in a duel: ''Voice Commands(VCs)'' and ''Actions.'' Both of these types of aid cost godpower (but of course).
''Voice commands (VCs)''
* Cost 5% GP to use.
* Happen on top of the existing turn.
* ~30% chance of success each time.
* Cannot backfire/misfire to hurt you.
* Weaker but cheaper & more versatile than Actions.
* Will not lower your Action Count.
VCs come in 3 functional types:
<small>'''Attack''' lets you hit for normal damage no matter whose turn it is or if you’ve already attacked.</small>
<small>'''Heal''' recovers about the amount of health a normal attack takes away. On opponent’s turn, cancels out damage from 1 regular hit. On your turn, gains a little health.</small>
<small>'''Pray''' boosts your GP by 20%, granting you further ability to command or act. (If it works, of course. Or you’re out 5% GP like with the other VCs)</small>
* Cost 25% GP to use. (5x as expensive as VCs)
* Happen alongside VCs and/or regular turn.
* Risky: May mis-target/backfire to wrong hero, both, or miss completely. (33% odds of each outcome when BF occurs)
* Lowers Action Count by 1 when used.
* 2 types of Actions:
'''Encourage''' heals ~3x as much as a Heal VC, regardless of alignment.
<small>Backfires: Heals both heroes, neither, or your opponent only.</small>
'''Punish''' targets the opponent, for about 3x regular attack damage regardless of alignment.
<small>Backfires: harms both combatants, neither, or only the sender.</small>

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