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<div style="float:left;margin:0.5em 0.9em 0.4em 0;">[[File:hawkerGeneric_humans.jpgpng|150px|Hawker]]</div>
A The '''hawkerGeneric Enemy''' ''(Inimicus generica)'' is a vendor of merchandise monster that can claims to be easily transported; the term is roughly synonymous with peddler or costermonger. These traders never liked the competition with surrounding traders while working in bustling [[Towns]]just as good as other monsters, so they decided that the best way but 30% to increase their profit was 60% less costly to remove any competitionfight.Some Generic Enemies are clones of high and powerful monsters older than 20 years in age. However, due to their lack They commonly come with an identical warning and a little packet of toughness, information saying they decided that they would instead remove themselves from the competition since this option didn't require any brawlingre just as strong and powerful as other monsters, and they thus set out but 30% to 60% less costly to lead a nomadic lifestylefight.They now roam Insurance companies regularly tout the land benefits of fighting Generic Enemies, but heroes routinely disagree. Other types of GodvilleGeneric Enemies dwell a few inches above the forest floor--known as the bottom shelf. While in these locations, setting up their tents wherever they have detected gullible travelers passing bycommonly wear simple clothes of faded colors made to imitate high and powerful monsters.([[HawkersGeneric Enemy|'''more...''']])
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