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# The Hero is at least level 10
# The God has at least 75% of [[godpower]]
# The Arena is open for public publihc fights (sometimes it may be closed down for cleaning it up from broken teeth and refreshing the paint)
# The hero's last fight in the arena was more than 4 hours ago
==Skirmish Free for 3 Days==
Following a trip to the arena, a hero will not get into a skirmish for three days. After the third day though, he will get bored and the call of the arena will beckon him to fight. He will then start looking for other heroes he can jab with his weapon, and eventually, right in the middle of his travels while on a [[quest]], he will get into a [[skirmish]]. According to legend, the call of the arena is louder for evil heroes and, after three days of not visiting the arena, will tend to get into skirmishes sooner than good heroes.
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