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Overworld Voice Commands (UNDERWAY): Whoops, forgot a little formatting. It might be easier to read now.
* '''Examine''' the item: If obeyed, the hero will mess about with an item in his or her inventory (you can name a specific one if you like) and based on personal experience, one of the following may happen: the item breaks, leaving you with nothing for your 5% GP, the item becomes another item (this result is rare) or the item becomes a small amount of gold (I think). '''''NOTE TO SELF: Further testing of this is needed.'''''
* '''Learn''' and surprise us both: may cause a small experience-point gain when used. Odds of success are unknown, but it works in a town, out of a town, and everywhere but praying, trading, or fighting a monster. This experience boost is noticeable early on, but after a while won't even provide a 1% boost. Handy if you're under level 12 and willing to spennd lots of GP nagging the hero to level so you can join a guild faster, or if you need just a bit more to level up. NOTE: This will boost you to up to 100% to the next level, but will not itself trigger a level-up.
* You '''die''' too much: Yes, they do. In fact, though it has a low rate of success and may get any of several reactions, heroes have occasionally been known to interpret anything with the letters D-I-E right next to each other as a command to come see their god in the afterlife right then and there. Careful with these three letters if you're highly protective of your Pantheon of Survival position. <s> I accidentally tested this... sigh. The huge doofus. (Him and me both)</s>

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