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Arena Duels: Corrected "After step 50 damage goes up and healing goes down" to "Starting with Step 60 and every 30 steps thereafter, damage and healing double"
During every round after the first two minutes, a god may send one voice command and one action (an encourage, punish, or miracle), but gods who use miracles in the arena are considered total douche bags (see action section below).
While duels do not have a time or round (known as steps) limit, heroes after 60 steps, healing and damage done will inflict greater double to prevent overly long duels. After 90 steps, the damage and heal less after 50 roundshealing are amplified yet another level. This prevent overly-prolonged duels For every 30 steps thereafter, damage and prevents the crowded from throwing ninja starshealing amplify, confirmed up to 150 steps by testing.  
==Arena Fighting Tips==

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