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There we go. Form letter for "Welcome to Ni Nation" removed. How'd I miss that?
bq. Good luck with your new guild. Feel free to drop by the other guilds’ threads for some activities and/or just getting to know the others around the forum. Just a note: though trying to recruit members from active guilds is generally considered rude, there’s no rule against mingling and forging new friendships. After all, that’s the point of the social aspect to this game. Have a very good time, and if you’ve any questions, friend "Naturalblondechick,": for activities held at "Sowing Sun,": "Preachy Lopnor": for the "Lucky God Casino,": and "SBFH": for any technical questions. If you need answers, "Sniper404": heads his own GV research program as well as "Godville's Regiment": so he either has the answer you're looking for or he's about to. Another devoted researcher and active member of the Godville community is "Dogess,": who can always make you feel more at home in Godville at large. If you just feel like talking, don’t hesitate to invite me, either. I’ll see what I can do if there's anything not already covered. Hopefully no one minds me using their names like this. But they're nice people, and I doubt they'd mind a little back-and-forth. Have a good time with this. Signed, *Jimbob64*.
+*This Week's Newest Ni-Sayers:*+
"Welcome to": "Ni Nation!":
bq. Welcome, new recruits! Thank you for joining us as fellow Knights who say Ni. I'd like to take this opportunity to let you all know, we have something of a tradition of welcoming our new members with open arms, and as such you can expect "Jarlbank,": myself, or any of a number of other Knights to contact you via friend invite over the next week or so. In this less-formal introduction to the guild you will be receiving, feel free to ask your contact anything you like about the game or the guild. (If none of us have the invites to spare, you're welcome to pick one of us too.) Finally, after about 4 days' membership, you'll reach Recruit rank and be able to post on the "Guild Council": tab. New members are encouraged to check this place out- you can meet some very helpful and friendly people there.
<!-- Chronicles story plans: Do a scene in which the god and hero meet (gonna be hard) then setting off to start the journey. (Also gonna be hard-) transition fastforwarding through his life while giving general idea of what it was like, and (work on this bit attentively): Jimbob's return to the gods' home... and subsequent apology negated by mouthing off and getting himself kicked to Earth again, this time with no return condition. -->

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