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Fiend, 1st rank 3/10/13 That was a good lightning bolt just saying… Hard button to give up…
Hunter 1st Rank 1:46PM 3/14/13 Thank you to all my under ground allies! Special props to my bear {{God|SBFH couldn’t }} couldn't have done this without…
Mile Stone 818 3/21/13 After dragging a Epic quest out with serial encourages and trips to towns to sell. 7:58 PM My quest to revive the Dead Sea has brought a very nice reward of 15150 gold coins right into my pocket! Hope I won’t lose it on my way back… That’s the longest recorded Journey Garwin has had to date. Again not without a Bear! Was able to go that far and still dig/smote bosses thanks to our strategic methods of avoiding unwanted things. Thanks {{God|SBFH}}!
==Budapesties siblings==

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