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===Eyes Only! Please do not read below unless specifically requested!===
Awesome God Friday, March 22 Edition:
Happy -Awesome God Friday!- Average Goddess Tuesday (title and most descriptive terms temporarily toned down for the reading comfort of the subject and her Guild Name peers). Thank you for joining us to -admire-acknowledge the -marvelousness- mediocrity of *"Your Ex Girlfriend": *
Who is this -superb- simple goddess? What about her is so -awesome- average? The short answer is "everything," but that's difficult to prove, so let's define "-awesome- average" and go from there. A poll of a number of deities came up with the following as necessary components:
# Helpful
# Friendly
# Active
# Generous
# Humorous
# Knowledgeable
# Creative
*Helpful* First and foremost, this -tremendous- typical goddess is helpful. She has been known to spontaneously take on young deities for the express purpose of showing them the ropes of Godville. If there is a known hole in knowledge of the game, its environs, or select aspects of external life, she will -enthusiastically pitch in to fill- sedately step into the breech with research, thoughts, and (if sought) advice. As one of her guildmates, *Benign Neglect,* says:
bq. *Your Ex Girlfriend* is [...] a really good friend to have since she's willing to share what she knows with the newbies.
And, as this former newbie can attest, what she knows is comprehensive and given out in language that those not yet used to Godville can usually understand easily.  But when not-- She once sat for two hours, explaining and re-explaining the smallest intricacy of the Ideabox system to me when non-Godville concepts couldn't illustrate it, and never once displayed any sort of impatience.
*Friendliness* But helpfulness alone does not -magnificence- mediocrity make. After all, it is easy to be helpful and withdrawn or helpful and cold. Not so, with  -splendid- steady *Your Ex Girlfriend.* She is friendly and warm. If she likes something another deity is doing, or sees an achievement about which the other deity might be proud, she goes out of her way to contact the deity and say so. From her earliest days posting in her current guild's forum, she has had a propensity to do this "publicly,": so that everyone around her can -celebrate- see the good things, too.
*Active*  An -integral- -important- idle part of -awesomeness- averageness is activity. *Your Ex Girlfriend* started her known streak of activity with "this post,": and by all indications has not stopped since. *Epoch* said it best:
bq. Ex is probably one of the best, if not the best GV players in the game. [...] I would say until she and her generation came along, GN was a joke guild and we were just being silly. Her efforts helped me to push us to the top, and she was really the first other member to make an effort at protecting what we were trying to do.
*Generous* I mentioned before that *Your Ex Girlfriend* does not shy away from spending hours on end helping one of her project deities, but that's not the only way that she is generous with her time. She is a -steadfast and committed- habitual fixture in the "Workmen's Forum": and the "Gameplay Questions Thread,": writing clear and detailed answers to questions about voice commands, pets, arena/skirmishes, and the Enhancement Room, often repeatedly and at no benefit to herself. Several of her guild mates characterize her as loyal, supportive, or both, indicating that the time she spends on others goes far beyond the fair chunk that is visible to the public eye.
*Humorous* This totally -awesome- average goddess has a -wonderfully wicked- sense of humor. She'd have to, to choose a name so likely to put ice water in the blood of man and woman, alike. Says *Benign Neglect,*
bq. "She plays a classic Hollywood vamp. I always think of Rita Hayworth in Gilda, but any of the noir femme fatales could apply."
And like the femme fatales, *Your Ex Girlfriend* has anecdotes that will curl your toes and anecdotes that will keep you chuckling for hours, all delivered in a laconic, brush-anything-off tone that makes them even better. Like the femme fatales, she has a force of personality that makes it so you can't help but sit up and take notice of her forum persona, so when she starts or takes up a joke, everyone gets swept in and it becomes a part of group culture. For example, she acts as fashion advisor and sometime "interior decorator": to the DraGoons of Pretentious Evil, and is (many would argue) singlehandedly responsible for the "Forever Lazy": that *Riff-Raff* sports to this day. Reading through that thread gives a good demonstration, in fact, of how -versatile and adaptable- easy her sense of humor really is: she -gives full and meticulous attention to the development and featuring of jokes and plot lines that other people begin, to hilarious effect- plays well with others. Is this not, by itself -awesome- average?
*Knowledgeable* This is *Your Ex Girlfriend* to a "T." As *Epoch* notes,
bq. She has an amazing ability to figure out things or figure out who to ask to figure out things.
What makes a good Ideabox submission? Without breaking stride, *YEG* will point you to the Godwiki Ideabox page, *Aurlord's* presentation in the Guild Name forum thread, and *Gorgeous George's* "How to Make Your Idea Fail" guide in the Workmen's Forum. Have a question about resources for cheese? "Check it out": . Want to understand the social history behind a guild or a feature in Godville? *YEG* -is practically a walking archive- knows these things.
*Creative* This one you can take straight from the community itself: *Your Ex Girlfriend* holds a top ten position in the Gratitude Pantheon, and has one of the longest-standing and best rated chronicles in the Storytelling Pantheon. That pretty much means that *everyone* -acclaims- sees her creativity, even when she doesn't have her -distinctive personality- name attached to it.
If you're not convinced yet, then there's nothing that can change that. But know this: by walking the walk, *Your Ex Girlfriend* has shown herself to be one -average- supremely awesome goddess, as defined by deities individual and in a group. By her actions, she has proven the -mediocrity- marvelousness of her person and personality.
And that is why *Your Ex Girlfriend* is the March 22nd Awesome God Friday *Awesome Goddess.*

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