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Tower Defender

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{{monster |image=tower1.jpg |class=Synthetic Demon |latin=Castellum vindex|habitat=castle walls and high towers |description=a lone, wandering, soul |rattle=My kingdom is lost|strong=y}}A '''Tower Defender:''' ''(Castellum vindex)'' is a synthetic being that was created long ago by a demented God. Flung from the heavens, it eventually wound up at [[Godville]].
A ==General Information==Left to its own devices, the Tower Defender is created a being that was made along with High Keep in the Stone Temple mountains North of Termina[[Godvillewood]]. It fell through a dimensional vortex and wound up here. It seeks Please see the [[Godville_(World)|Map of Godville]] to find your way there to destroy visit the hero that defiled its temple. It may never find him, but it sure as hell makes other heroes' life miserable looking for himruins.
Strengths: A most evil Hero coveted all that the '''Tower Defender''' had built, and raised and army of [[Personality|Pure Evil!]] heroes to sack the castle and take it for himself.
* LOVES attacking from belowThe High Keep fell. "Goomba Stomp" is not an expression with this dudeA Defender banished.* Invulnerable except for Darkness came. Plague covered the weak spotland. All perished of hunger or despair. Most wicked usurper died despondent on his stolen throne.
Weaknesses:Now, the '''Tower Defender''' seeks to destroy all the Evil Heroes that defiled its temple. It may never find them, but it has vouchsafed that it will make these Evil Heroes' life's miserable for all eternity.
==Attributes=====Strengths=== * If it misses with jumpingAttacks from great heights, dropping rocks, it is stunned.poring hot oil and flinging unmentionable things at those below* the "weak point" is a glowing red eye.Generally considered invulnerable and immortal - leaving it much time to plan defenses, traps and pitfalls
*Prone to falling off ramparts from great heights if it is dazzled by reflective armor
*Prefers cold, mountainous climates and tends to droop in the heat of the plains
==Gallery==(Feel free to clean this up<gallery>tower4.jpg|An army attacks...)tower2.jpg|The High Keep, fallen...tower5.jpg|Most evil usurper...[[Category:Monsters]]</gallery>

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