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| avatar = BorderCollie.jpg
| hero = Gary-sue
| motto = ♞: Cogito Ergo DumDum™
| gender = Male
| personality = Sarcastic
| templepantheon = 3295
| pet = rocky raccoon
| chronicles = [ the Story So FarNi.]
<big>NOTE: For purposes of beta testing the Android app, my Discussion page will be used for screenshots illustrating known but unfixed bugs, in case anyone requires verification or assistance. At least until thi this version goes live. Anything else I can do download to help, please PM me and I'll get back to you. </big>
<small>If you see an error on this page, or something you know to be missing or inaccurate (even simply stuff that's unclear) ''tell me.'' This page is here to help, and if you think of some way I could make it better, switch on over to my Discussion tab and leave me a note.</small>
===Stats & Game Mechanics (NOT BEGUN)===
Pur up things such as the Gladiatorship formula, Guild and other Pantheon formulae, and any thoughts or observations I come across or have which strike me as especially nerdyinteresting or odd.
==<p style="font-family: times, serif; font-size:14pt; font-style:italic">My Current Projects</p>==
Last of all, this is really more of a goal than a project, but I'm still well over 100 spars away from the Coach 1st Rank achievement, and anyone who chooses to add me, I'll gladly spend the 50% GP to initiate the spar out-of-pocket, and will be grateful for whatever help I can get on that score.
<small>"Not Begun" = I haven't started that yet. "Begun" = I have started, but only just. "Underway" = Making progress, possibly with actual content people can use by this point. There is no "Completed." When it's complete, it won't need a tag attached to the section header.</small>

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