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==GV Android Beta Screenshots==
Sorry this is so large, I'm not sure how to get it down to sizeNone for now. But this screenshot was taken form Currently running Bets 4 on my '''Samsung Galaxy Note II''' Android running '''GV Beta 2''' on '''February 22. Well, 2013 at except for the one where it said "News from 3:30 PM''' CSTMilestone" AGAIN. The ANT and I both reported this, and Godville acknowledged it, so no need to make my case here. Howeer, with the intent of illustrating the previously reported bug from several sources that causes non-italic healing items not to display as italicsfrom Beta 2 and 3 persist in Beta 4. I''Theme: Night. Font size: normalm not sure I really care anymore.That's a cosmetic choice that' I don't want s up to be pushy, honestlythe devs. What I merely wanted 'd like to help verify that it's so. This persists in Beta 3. [[File:Beta41Scrsht-HealItemsNotItalicsee is a beta screenshot where healing items ARE italic.png]] 

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