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'''{{God|Hairplug4men}}'': 0''
{{god|Bella Luna}}:''1'' {{Godgod|Bella LunaArtosian}}:'' 1'' {{god|Shannonus}}:'' 0'' {{god|Mister Meow}}:'' 0'' {{god|Doctor Frank-n-furter}}:'' 0'' ===Games=== ''All the possable games to play:'' Possible games: '''Hacker'''- The first player to be able to create the given sentence on the Hacker Godwiki page, wins.'' '''Story'''- Both players must create a story on the given topic and Grene. Votes will be taken from the posts '''AFTER''' the stories. The player with the most votes, wins. '''Parody'''- Both players must create a full parody of a given song on a given topic, votes will be based on posts '''AFTER''' the songs. Player with most votes, wins!'' Quick Post Wise Man Saying Interesting Question... Ressurection Fate Joke Picture Rap battle is reserved for last.
'''{{God|Artosian}}:'' 0''
'''{{God|Shannonus}}:'' 0''
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