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Groovy Church of Happy Happy Joy Joy

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{{diary|title = '''HAPPY''' |text = [[Image:happy2.jpg|left|thumb|350px|Tea! I have tea and I know how to use it]] <big>'''HAPPY'''</big>
Now, everything I say is absolute truth and you will surrender your will unconditionally to '''me'''.... ''The Leader''. <big>'''Trust in Me'''</big>. }}
{{diary|title = '''HAPPY''' |text = [[Image:happy3.jpg|left|thumb|350px|Breathe in…... COPY…..... Hold your breath…..... PASTE…...... Breathe out….... LOL!]] <big>'''HAPPY'''</big>
You really are blessed by luck, as by stumbling through the hallowed portals of the ''GROOVY CHURCH'' OF HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY you have embarked upon a personal quest of self realisation through mindless joy. <big>'''Trust in Me'''</big>.}}
For all the wonderful services we provide, The ''Groovy Church'' only requires two small things from guild members, namely 50% of your earnings and your soul. And the soul of your cat. Yes, that's 3 things. Counting correctly is a dangerous and heretical act that only leads to false freedom. <big>'''Trust in Me'''</big>. ''HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!'' }}
''3-2-1.... You're back in the room.''

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