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| gender = female
| personality = Easily distracted- Oooohhhh, shiny...
| level = 4446
| guild = Blue Feather
| rank = cardinal
| wonloss = 21 26 / 10 12
| temple =
| templepantheon =
| pet = bipolar bear lightsaber-toothed tiger| petname = DumboSpot| petlevel = 1| petres = 0| town = Godville
| gold =
| monster = Stripeless Zebra| rival = Amazin Zebra 1998
| chronicles =
==Annie's ChapterAmazinzebra is a goddess of...==
Today I woke up from the strangest dream.• Zebras• Art• Music
In my dream, I was in a field, and there were many, many zebras running around. I have nothing against zebras, but these seemed... different.===Things Amazinzebra1998 Likes===
As I looked around, I noticed someone in one corner out of the corner of my eye. She was short and thin, with brown hair, dark eyes, and glasses. She seemed to be saying something to someone, but there was no one near her to talk to. How strange.• Zebras• Drumming• Tacos• Orange-flavored soda• Drawing• JUSTIN BIEBER!• Emoticon people :)(-(• Weekends
===What's up with the lists above?===
I'm not sure what I want to write here. Until I figure it out, you'll just have to live with this.
Goodbye from the land of the flying tacos.
==Amazinzebra1998's Chapters==
===After What Happened in Annie's Chapter===
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