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Anicetus Vis ₪

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<div style="{{radial-gradient|center|ellipse|#FFFFFF, #BFC9CA 75%, #ADB6B3}};-moz-border-radius: 15px; border-radius: 15px; padding: 10px"> {{Guild| motto = Invictus Maneo ₪| founded = December 7, 2012| alignment = All are welcome!| pantheon = | pantheon2 = | pantheon3 = | forum = | founder = Alky| number = | town = | perc = | gold = | emblem = AVemblem.jpg| friend1 = | friend2 = | friend3 = | foe1 =}} == Welcome! ==
We would like to take a moment to thank you for searching out our guild! If you're interested in joining our ranks, please contact {{god|Alky}}.
This guild was created in an era of alternative accounts (alts) that have been racing to the top of the Gladiatorship Pantheon[[pantheon of gladiatorship]]. The thought was, why not make an ENTIRE guild reach the top!? In saying that, the real purpose of this guild is to help those that want to reach the top do just that. Most of all, do it in your own time. It is NOT a race. Anyone who jumps "in" to the arena every four hours is asking for a loss. We want you to take your time. Win your fights. Make it to the top of the Gladiatorship Pantheon[[pantheon of gladiatorship]]. Lucky for us, we already have LOADS ''loads'' of amazing fighters in, or working on getting in, our guild. Meaning, there is much you can learn from our friendly, fierce -hearted, fun bunch of leaders.
So, if you're looking to work your way up the Gladiatorship Pantheon[[pantheon of gladiatorship]], alt or otherwise, feel free to join our guild. We would love to help out.
Thanks again, and hopefully we'll ! We hope to see you around.

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