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Monster repellent

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A rather straightforward concept, this product keeps monsters away, at least for a couple of milestones. It comes in spray form and clip on as well. It is thought to operate by releasing a pungent scent into the air around the hero. Any monster that gets a whiff of such a smell heads for the hill as quick as they can. The smell can be noticed from a speculated distance of 3 whole milestones. Thus, the hero or heroine is given a "free ride" to travel freely. Note: Some monster have an impaired sense of smell(or none at all!), so the product does not have a 100% guarantee of effectiveness. Enjoy your life, temporarily monster free. The smell of it can kill you, so it would certainly give a monster a nasty shock.
 ==Instructions for Use=={{quote|This item kills the monster or tries to melt a golden brick out of gold coins (requires 50% of godpower)}} ==Strategies for Use==This artifact usually melts 3,000 [[gold coins]] into one golden brick. Accordingly, a hero should have at least 3,000 gold coins before activating this artifact. Activating this artifact when a hero has less than 3,000 coins will usually result in the loss of 50% godpower, loss of the artifact, and no melting of any gold coins.  Heroes with temples should not use this to melt [[gold coins]] into a golden brick due to golden bricks almost always selling for less than 3000 gold coins. This item cannot be activated when fighting a [[boss-monster]].  [[Category:Artifacts]][[Category:Activatable Artifacts]]

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