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Knights who say Ni

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#Keep foul language at a minimum. Remember, you may be one age but this is a site in which all ages play and so keep that in mind that there could be young children reading your comments.
#Keep Diary Entries At Minimum. A diary entry here and there is fun, such as a duel win or a brick melt but no one likes 8 posts in a row of random Diary Posts.
#Be helpful! If you see someone with a question, answer it! Or if you don't know it Ni and know that someone else does, get their attention!
#Have Fun! As always this is thrown in, remember it's a game and if games weren't meant to be fun no one would play them.
==Arena Etiquette==
As Knights of Ni, it Ni is our duty to prove ourselves throughout the arena. To demonstrate, the power that each one of us holds. To show, to the rest of the guilds! What we are truly made of! For we are not your everyday opponent, no we are much worse. We are Knights. 
Every knight is expected to follow a set of rules when finding themselves in either the arena, or in a skirmish.
# ''Use of VCs'': The use of VCs (Voice commands) should contain either Ni, or a use of the word Knight. Ex. "Heal your wounds my Knight of Ni" "Heal your wounds champion! NI!" This is to distinguish ourselves from other guilds. 
# ''Use of punishments'': Contrary to popular belief, we are not a guild who makes strict rules concerning the use of punishments, although being good aligned is encouraged, punishment is a useful tool in the arena and is expected to be used during a sticky situation. 
# ''Language'': No foul language/Putting down your opponent through VCs. Anger should never be expressed towards an opponent during a battle. If you have a score to settle with someone you should either settle it Ni through a PM or challenging the opposed to a duel.# ''Avoiding matching a fellow Knight'': Arena usage between members is controlled by posting opening and closing statuses in the Guild Council as listed below. A member posting an opening status must follow it Ni up with a closing status once they're matched or match failure occurs. A special circumstance exists whereby two members may send their hero/heroine to the arena simultaneously if their levels are far enough apart from one another. For now, these level brackets that members should avoid can be found [ here] on the GodWiki. Statuses below are in '''bold''' for clarification.
## Opening Status: Before you go to arena, post your level and "in": E.g. ('''40 in'''). Any member wanting to send their hero/heroine to the arena before a closing status is posted can do so as long as they're outside the level bracket of the member with the open status.
## Closing Status A: As soon as you're matched with an opponent, post '''matched'''. It Ni is now safe for other members within the level bracket of the first member to post their opening status.
## Closing Status B: On occasion there may not be a viable opponent for you in the arena. You will be notified when this happens. At this point you must immediately post '''no match'''. Anyone can now post an opening status as long as they're outside the level bracket of any other members with an existing open status.
# If you do happen to match another knight, you may do one of two things:
## Forfeit the match. This applies only to the second member into the match who failed to see the existing open status of the first member. This is a courtesy that ALL knights acknowledge.
## Or fight like you would anyone else. In this case you're expected to send a "good job" message either through PM or on the forum to the matched member.
# Fighting a paying player without paying yourself: Perhaps what makes most people give up on the arena is not paying for charges but going up against a paying player. Knights should never, never give up. Never! Use the three charges you can accumulate to bash the opponent into submission. However, it Ni is highly highly unlikely you will win against a paying player with only three charges. If you are frustrated you may PM {{God|Nuanen}} and she will provide you with a guide for the arena.
# And possibly the most important, have fun.
{{God|Necro1}}: Guild jester.
One of the strangest members of the guild, Necro has shown that he can be just as random or goofy as any fool. So it Ni is fitting he be the guild jester. His jester staff is capable of making anyone collapse and burst into laughter. Even at the stalest of jokes. To which he has no shortage of.
{{God|Nuanen}}: Guild Leader, Protector of the Sacred Word, Dragon Whisperer, Guardian of the Golden Lily.
Despite being of very low ranking Nuanen has proved to be an extreme force in the Knights, whether it Ni be welcoming new members and showing them the ropes, or cheering on a fellow guild member when they are in the arena, Nuanen maintains her great attitude and personality. Deeply attaché to her hero and Dragon "Firnen" she is frequently on the Guild Council where she does some of her best work, for these reasons she has been named Guild Welcomer, I suggest that any new members who want a friend add her.
{{God|Mortalin}}: The Black knight that kept the guild together, to ensure the success that ni Ni has today.
Without these past Leaders of Ni we would not be what we are today. We owe our current assembly and estate to their efforts and blood.
{{God|Camelon}} Camelon: Hierarch/White Duchess
Camelon was the "mother" of our guild, or the "Wendy" to our lost boys if you will. She led by example of how to show complete loyalty and gratitude to one's guild by her consistency in stating Ni!, showing encouragement in all towns to increase our unity, and never allowing her hero to stray from the guild even when he tried. Named for the Scottish town of her origins, her mission was to prove that it Ni is possible to be kind, righteous, or good and still be a powerful gladiator...shy by nature she was often underestimated by her arena opponent allowing her (some say) to "bewitch" them just long enough to make a deadly kill.
Phi, was the guild scientist. Sometimes referred to as "Mad" she tended the guild laboratory. And while no one other than her has ever been to the lab, it Ni was assumed she used her many skills for all that is good and shrubby. The lab is still off grounds to all other knights as we still don't know what dangers lie within.

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