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The history of Godville is fraught with difficulties, many bugs and glitches and an amusingly large number of mistakes, or am I just being unfair? Probably, yes, because despite the mishaps, the number of [[God|Gods]] in Godville continues to grow daily. For this reason, most new players will be unaware of what has happened in the past and how the game came to be what it is today, so presented here is the entire history of Godville for all to behold.
To start with, in the realm of Godville, the date is not measured from the birth of Christ ('''A.D.''' Anno Domini) but is measured from the day Godville first came online. We therefore use '''g.e.''' (Godville Era) instead. It is important to note that the English version of Godville first came online on '''Day 902 g.e.''' of the [[Russian-language Godville|original Russian Godville]]. Therefore their Day 902 g.e. is our Day 1 0 g.e. We will only deal with the dating system of the English Godville since that is all we are concerned with.
''To convert a date into its g.e. equivalent, use the [[Template:GE|GE Template]].''

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