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* Special discounts -cheaper equipment
Having [[Popularity]] in a town is not necessary for any of these benefits nor for that matter is having more than one person in the guild. One manned Small guilds often end up sharing facilities in order to conserve limited resources. The drawback to this is that sometimes newbies from other guilds will have to be pushed back by someone from another guild with a higher rank, which can result in intraguild inter-guild hostility. Guilds have special internal ranking systems within and benefits increase with rank. When a hero first joins a guild, they start at the bottom and increase in rank over time. A hero who leaves a guild and rejoins later will have to start from the bottom, so loyalty is recommended. The ranking system can be seen below starting from the left with the time taken to reach the rank given below it (the number of days between the rank and the rank before it):
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Attaining the rank of '''cardinal''' (although it isn't the topmost one) means that the hero will not try to leave the guild (by randomly starting a [[Find a Guildmaster and beg him to enroll me in the *guild name* guild|guild joining quest]]). However, if a god does not check on their hero for over '''28 days''', they will leave the guild regardless of their current rank.
Attaining cardinal for the first time will also yield the Careerist 3rd rank [[achievement]] (1st rank is achieved from reaching this rank in 3 guilds).
==Communication==For each guild there exists a '''Guild Council'''. This is not the same one that members of the guild may have decided on (usually displayed in their guild articles) but is like a 'friend' that can be private messaged, accessed by clicking the button under the 'invite a friend' one button. It acts as a conference chat with all members of the guild able to participate and is therefore a handy alternative for slow forum messaging. However, if there is any trouble, the higher ranked members (i.e. those who have been in the guild longer) may expel lower ranked members from the guild council and a list of currently expelled members can be viewed by clicking on the icon at the top left of the chat window. Also those members are able to impel expelled members back into the council. The expel/impel actions are available to everyone in the guild ranking Cardinal or higher.  Most guilds also have a [[forum]] page and some even use 3rd party chat services.

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